Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman

Focus Area: 
The Greater Cleveland Area
Community Partner: 
Chalkdust Education Foundation
Academic Department: 
The Michael Schwartz Library
People of color are the most underrepresented in high tech-high growth industries and are least enrolled in STEM courses at the college level. In an effort to change that, the Chalkdust Education Foundation (CEF) and CSU have teamed up with We Can Code IT, Friends of CEF and received corporate sponsorship from AT&T. With these resources, a summer IT coding camp for students of color at public, charter and private schools was created called IndeedWeCode. The camp employs an array of intentional strategies to attract, connect and nurture the potential of African Americans and other people of color.
In Summer 2015, the two-week camp attracted 19 Black female students. It is the first effort of the STEMulation Initiative. Throughout the camp, students were taught HTML, JavaScript and CSS basic coding languages. The students were taught and visited by Black women in STEM fields. Each student had a hand is designing webpages, which they present to the group as well as family and friends on the final day of the camp.
IndeedWeCode is a project of the Chalkdust Education Foundation (CEF) hosted at CSU with support from We Can Code IT and Friends of CEF. Corporate sponsorship is provided by AT&T.
Benefit to Community: 
The summer camp is part of an effort to increase accessibility high tech learning opportunities for people of color. Ultimately, the success of IndeedWeCode said Patricia Ackerman, a leader in education and CSU Distinguished Alumnus, “will bolster our effort to attract and sponsor a chapter of Black Girls Code in Cleveland so that high tech learning opportunities can become available routinely in the African American community.”
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Partnership Contact

Patricia Ackerman
Dr. Patricia Ackerman is a CSU Distinguished Alumna. As the designer and principal of Taylor Academy, an alternative high school program, Dr.

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